How About Some Music Videos

One problem with this.  When it gets to the end of the song (plays it on youtube) it goes on to another youtube video rather than coming back to this site...  You'll have to manually return to this site.  Sorry about that, maybe someone can tell me how to make it automatically return...???

Here's a Song Written by Glenn

These  and  Other Videos  By Glenn  can be found on his  YouTube  channel  at  Glenn R Burt


Glenn Burt’s Website
(Anna may add something also...) 

Another Live performance at the Merc Cafe (Nacogdoches) Sept 25, 2009

Glenn on guitar, Anna on washboard, and John on 1-string tub-bass

(This the last 10 minutes of a 2 hour set...)

Live performance at the Merc Cafe (Nacogdoches, Texas) 2009

Morgan Boyd  singing  Ghost Riders in the Sky

with his dad (John)  and  grandpa (Glenn  Burt)

Glenn added a "Moo-o-o"  and it went down hill from there...